TimberGuard Process

After many years in the wood restoration and preservation field, TimberGuard has developed a unique process that provides outstanding results.  As a Certified Restoration Contractor, we are dedicated to utilizing the newest technology available.  Keeping up on the latest techniques and products on the market is an important aspect of providing you with outstanding service and a quality product. Please review the TimberGuard Process below:

Step 1 : Evaluating The Wood

The first step in restoring your deck, fence, or other wood structure is scheduling a FREE estimate and evaluation.  During this process, we are able to determine exactly what your project needs in order to achieve the results expected.  During this process we provide consultation, obtain dimensions, and record the overall condition and finishes presently applied.  We thoroughly go over our process and make sure to answer any questions you may have at this time.  We also provide information about the products we will be using, along with samples of the natural finishes we offer.  

Step 2 : Restoring The Wood

Depending on the present condition of your wood structure, this step will consist of finish removal and/or a deep cleaning of the wood.  If a recent finish has been applied, your wood may have to be stripped of the prior coating.  Some coatings remove quite easily, while others may require multiple steps for removal.  If there is no existing finish on the wood, a deep cleaning is initiated in order to remove the mold, mildew, dirt, and general fallout that collects on the surface.  The graying is also removed during this process to reveal the natural look of the wood.

Step 3 : Brightening & Neutralizing The Wood 

One of the most important steps of the entire process is the neutralization of the cleaners and agents previously applied.  This provides a neutral pH for the wood, as well as removes stubborn tannin staining.  This is accomplished through the use of specially blended brightening agents, where the strength can be adjusted on a per job basis.  After application and a short dwell period, a final rinse of the entire structure is completed.  We also take care to rinse down areas close to the workspace, such as siding, windows, patios, etc.   This solution also imparts a mildew inhibitor to the wood's surface as an additional measure of protection UNDER the finish.  

Step 4 : Preserving The Wood

Before applying a finishing coat, TimberGuard believes it is important to first preserve the wood by sealing with CedarShield internal sealant.  Unlike less effective wood treatments and seals, CedarShield soaks all the way through the wood, protecting it from the inside out. This hardens and strengthens the wood against rot, decay, warping, bug infestation, moisture damage and more.  CedarShield can be used on all wood types and projects, new or old.  While CedarShield won’t reverse pre-existing damage, it will help prevent that damage from getting worse and dramatically extend the life of the wood.  CedarShield does not change the color or appearance of wood.  When used as directed, CedarShield is safe to use around pets and children, and will not leach out into the environment or soil after it’s fully dried.

Step 5: Allowing The Wood To Dry

After the cleaning and sealing portion of your project is completed, your wood needs to dry out.  This process can vary depending on the season and overall weather conditions (typically 24-48 hours).  TimberGuard technicians will ensure the wood is adequately dry before proceeding to the final steps.

Step 6 : Detail Work & Necessary Repairs
A crucial step before the stain application is in the detail work.  All agreed upon repairs are made to your structure and then sanding is performed as deemed necessary to add an extra level of beauty to your project.  Commercial floor sanders are used on the flooring and orbital sanders on the railing system.                  

Step 7 : Staining The Wood

The final and most gratifying step is the staining of your wood.  After the wood has been adequately prepared for stain, we perform the necessary setup to begin staining.  This includes taking measures to protect windows, siding, patios, plants and other structures surrounding the workspace.  Every project differs in the amount of product needed for proper saturation and coverage, which is determined by past maintenance, species, and age of the wood.  Through the use of our application system we provide exactly what your wood needs in order to maximize the life of the stain!  Our technicians will apply ReadySeal semi-transparent penetrating oil stain in your chosen color.  To learn more about ReadySeal and view available stain colors, please visit our "Finishing Colors" Page.

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